Company Profile

Five Tigers Engineering Co., Ltd.

Five Tigers Engineering is one of Five Tigers Brother Partnership group since 1940’s

We are one of the oldest engineering workshops in the South of Thailand which are presently running business by a mix of fourth and fifth-generation.

Our machine and equipment are composed of Engine Rebuilding Equipment, Machine tools, Welding equipment , Heat treatment, Thermal spray coating system, Engineering plating such as Hard Chrome, Nickel, Copper and Decorative Chrome Plating on Aluminum Wheels, Dynamic balancing and Photonic science and technology, Laser application.

Our main activities are engine reconditioning, restoration dimension industries machinery, reconditioning and remanufacturing high speed rotating machinery parts, surface modification and surface finishing in situ, in field services complete line of maintenance and solution in Steam and Gas Turbines/Turbomachinery, Overhauling, Stockist, supplying engine spare parts and all kinds of machine works.

With long accumulated skills and experiences, high technology and comprehensive engineering facilities though our reliable workmanship, our present customers cover those from many provinces in Thailand and Indochina which are in the field of Automotive, Marine, Locomotive, Heavy Duty Earth Moving Equipment, Mining, Cement plant, Steel industry, Transportation, Construction, Canning Factory, Feed Mill Factory, Sugar Mill Factory, Cool Storage, Palm Industrial, Rubber Factory, Tobacco Factory, Textile, Oil &Gas industry, Petrochemical industry, Off Shore Production and Exploration, Electrical Power Generation, Biogas and Biomass power station etc.